Which is safer ? a smart deadbolt or mechanical traditional one ?

As a smart lock provider, I may have bias to answer this question, but for a company that build for the interest of the client first, we are trying to answer it honestly and professionally. 

Old saying say "Gun did not kill people, people kills" similarly, we could say that, it's not the lock keep you or your properties safe, but the law. 

So above it, the security law matters the most. Lock keeps the honest person honest. If you agree with us, then it will be easy to help you to choose the lock, smart one, or traditional one. 

Almost all of the consumer grade WiFi lock solutions have known physical or digital vulnerabilities at varying degrees of severity. You may think you could open it with a screw driver. 

Many “traditional” pin tumbler locks are reasonably secure, some are very secure,  but traditional way is studyed too long, it could be opened by machined tools to open. 


So If you have a lot of people who are scheduled to be in your home on occasion (cleaners, nannies, pet sitters) but who you don’t necessarily trust with 24/7 access, the right smart lock could only let them in at scheduled times, or can log entries. This will significantly limit how tempting it could be for them to enter at unauthorized times, their ability to enter at all at unauthorized times, and/or provide you of a log of their entry. (sure our A220 could be your choice)

If you're the old fashioned guy, and the possess of the keys are limited, then I would advise you to use the mechanical one, just go to the Home Depot and buy a 70USD one. 

So if it depends on case, for security reason or for convenience reason, but surely, we design the secure and simple to use deadbolt, that's the reason why us. so we'd like to advise Smart deadbolt A220 if I could advise for you.  

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