Why Tropernic A220 is a good deadbolt ? maybe the best choice

There are many smart locks to choose nowadays, especially when marketing campaign is easy to set up. Products specs and necessary or unnecessary features are confusing you. As a smart lock manufacturer, we may have our own bias, but I would tell it in a distance way, jump out of the box.
Simple but reliable
Yes, this is what we define a good smart lock. Simple not means cheap, but convenient and user oriented. Relaible also not only about hardware, but also software and privacy. To go Deeper:


  1. Grant your access via your mobile without coming near with your locks or geting in the property.
  2. Plug and Play, need not to use power tools to install; no life skill needed.
  3. Suitable for most American wooden doors;
Many brands are selling the features, but they did intall it and use it in the users' position, installing it without skill weigh a big part. That's why we reinvent this daedbolt. Best experience only occurred after it was right set up. If there are big friction to set it up, it's not a good product.


  1. One million plus App downloads, and keep updates; no downtime
  2. Waterproof, IP65, reliable working in rainy days and extream wheathers (-40~60C)
  3. Privacy, the process for passcode generating and sending are encrypted;
The reliabily is not easy to checked out, only after you use it for a long time. Most brands could be check on surface things, but as what mentioned here, you could check the APP downloads times, and the data say it a lot for itself. And you could not create extream whether to test, but we could provide the test report for the extream conditions.
In all, lock company want to sell you first, so they compete with other brands feature by feature and add more unecessary things, we start it from the user's view, make it no friction in installing and simlple in using. Indeed we have no fancy features, just simple and reliable.
If you agree with us, if you also stress its simplicity and realibility, Tropernic would be your best deadbolt choice.

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