Want to be our distributors ?

Here are what you could get:

  • Quality assured, free replacement
  • Lower MOQ requirement, 100set 
  • Marketing support, Google Ads, CES show
  • Softeware customizing; 

Who could be our distributors/partners?

Surly, we understand if you are not familar with the industry, you could not get a good business, then our distributorship would be not long lasting. As a manufacturer stress on brand and long term business, we'd like to the potential distributor know below marketing, better you are doing business in these inductries:

  • Lock and locksmith companies
  • Real estate project makers
  • Airbnb, short term rental providers;
  • House decoration companies
  • Door maker and distributors; 

Why you should work with us ?

If you have the resource, and our product could mate with your requirement. Then you should work with us. Because we are a honest company, the company culture is built on these character. And anytime you have a bad product, just contact us. we have two warehouse in USA and 1 in Germany, one week delivery is possible. And be a little realistic, we set aside good profit for you. Contact us now for an inquire.