1. What's the thickness of the door could be applied to this smart deadbolt, A220 ?
Basically most American wooden doors could be applied, thickness range from 35mm to 55mm.
  1. Which kind of deadbolt could be replaced by this smart deadbolt A220?
All singla-cylinder deadbolt could be replace, brands including, Kwikset, Schlage and Amazon basics series.
  1. Could I programm the passcode when I am not near with the lock ?
Sure, our code is offline, so you could programm the passcode remotely.
  1. How could I return your product ?
Just return to our warehouse, and we could replace you with a new one after we got it or money back.
  1. If the battery die, how could I unlock it ?
we provide backup keys, so you could unlock by the physical backup keys.
  1. How long will the battery last ?
For brand new AA battery, lock/unlock 10 times/day, it could be used more than 5 months. Sure our App have power indication reminder, and will alarm you when the battery less than 20%.
  1. Could I connect your locks with my Alexa hub ?
Yes, our smart locks are compatable with Alexa.
  1. How could I download the App ?
You could search "TTlock", the name of the App, in your App Store or Google Play, you will find it.
  1. What's your return and refund policy ?
We provide 30-day money back policy to make sure your are satisfied. Your could read our policy:
  1. What's your warranty policy ?
Product was warranted for 1 year.
  1. How long will it be delivered after I place the order ?
In most cases, it would take 7 days around. We have warehouse in USA, Germany and China.